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Vocal (singing) Lessons

Ignite Arts Academy is proud to offer Cambridge singing lessons for all age groups. Our approach is to provide a well-rounded vocal education utilising several methods to achieve this goal.

Group voice lessons offer an excellent introduction to vocal study. Group lessons are not just for beginners. Classes include exercises that help to develop a healthy vocal technique, expand range, build power, control, and over time, a beautiful singing tone. Students also learn songs and sing them together, and as they become comfortable, they are encouraged to sing individually in front of the group. Group lessons provide an opportunity for singing in front of other people on a regular basis, building performance skills, and gaining confidence as a performer. This is particularly beneficial for long-term students who have already developed some vocal technique and want to go the next step as a singer. All singers will benefit from our Cambridge singing lessons by working on exercises, learning songs, and developing performance skills through group lessons.

Individual voice lessons are advisable for students with extended vocal goals, or specific technical isues. The focus will be on individual technique and development.

Fundamentals will give the student a good understanding in basic theory, rhythm training and aural development.

Class Details

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AGES: 7 YRS - Adults. (Years 3+)
DAYS: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays
TIME: Contact us for available times


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