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End of Year Music Showcase - Ignite Your Fire

Our biggest concert of the year is just about here!

Our music students will be given the opportunity to showcase their hard work to friends and family.

Save the date and make sure you're enrolled with us so you don't miss out on the chance to perform with your group or as a solo number.  

When: Saturday, November 11th
Where: Raleigh Street Christian Centre
Theme: Ignite Your Fire
Show Times: NEW SHOW ADDED!!
12:30 pm. (Music in Schools Show)
3:00 pm. (Ignite Arts Academy Show)
5:00 pm (Ignite Arts Academy Show)
7:00 pm (Ignite Arts Academy Show)

End of Year Dance & Drama Showcase - Wonderland.

Step into Wonderland with the Ignite Arts Academy Show "Through The Looking Glass," a mesmerizing children's dance production filled with enchanting dances, whimsical characters, and valuable life lessons. Join the Mad Hatter, March Hare, and Wonderland's inhabitants on a journey of unity, friendship, self-discovery, and the joy of living in the present moment.

Don't miss this extraordinary adventure – Tickets are now live ... let the magic begin!

Saturday November 18th : 6.30PM
Sunday November 19th : 1.30PM & 6.30PM
Where: The Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts, Hamilton
Theme: Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass


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