TERM 3. 2021

Junior Teacher Lessons

Junior Teacher lessons are now also part of our music classes at Ignite. These are available in: Keyboard, Guitar, Drums and Vocals.

These lessons are for 6-12 yr old's, taught by our junior teachers that are hand selected from our own Ignite top students. Our student teachers are enrolled in the Junior Teacher Apprentice Program (J.T.A.P.) which trains and develops them into fantastic tutors.

Lessons will be well suited for beginning students who are starting out on their musical journey.  

Guitar | Vocals | Drums : 30 Minute Private - $20
Guitar | Vocals | Drums : 30 Minute Shared - $14.00
Keyboard - Enquire for cost details.


DAYS: Contact us for available days 
TIMES: Contact us for available times
TEACHERS: Simon Folkard, Andrew Carter, Joshua Woest
AGES: 5 - 12 yrs
PRICE: $15 (30 min class)

Our Intro to Music class offers children of primary school age, a fun introduction to a range of musical instruments in a small group  (3 - 5) environment.

It will take children through the fundamentals of three different instruments; guitar, drums and keyboard, learning the basics of each. It provides a great musical foundation for children, and helps students decide which instrument they are most interested in pursuing in the future.

Students will use a custom written workbook and receive a certificate of completion once they have finished.

This is an exciting option that opens up the world of music to all primary aged kids.

NOTE: Students will have use of Ignite's instruments during class time; there is no requirement for Intro To Music students to provide their own.


DAYS: Monday's, Tuesday's, Wednesday's, Thursday's, Friday's
TIME: Contact us to schedule a FREE information session 
TEACHERS: Ray Nelson, Joshua Woest, Jonathon Hawthorn, Anita Roberts
AGES: 6 YRS - Adults
PRICE: Contact studio for pricing information

Here at Ignite Arts Academy we run the Simply Music keyboard programme. Simply Music is the largest playing-based music education institution in the world. We are a worldwide organization of more than 700 dedicated Teachers offering innovative programs, from birth through the whole of life, promising a World where Everyone Plays.Simply Music Piano is a remarkable, Australian-developed piano and keyboard program that offers a breakthrough in music education. This unique method has children, teens, adults and seniors playing great sounding blues, classical, contemporary and accompaniment piano pieces – from their very first lessons. In the same way that we all learn to talk before we learn to read, Simply Music Piano temporarily delays music reading and introduces a revolutionary, 'playing-based' methodology. This remarkably natural approach to learning music introduces students to an array of unique concepts that unfold directly onto the keyboard. 

Fundamental Goal: The Simply Music Method is designed to maximize the likelihood of students acquiring and retaining music as a lifelong companion. Specific Goals: Our aim is for students to:Experience their musicianship as a natural self-expression.

Play a vast repertoire covering a broad array of musical styles and genres.
Develop the ability to self-generate. i.e. the ability to progress independently. This includes developing a foundation of music reading, writing, composition, improvisation, arrangement, structure and theory etc.

Have a highly positive, self-affirming experience throughout the music learning process.
To find out more about this program go to this link: www.simplymusicinstitution.com


DAYS: Monday's, Tuesday's, Wednesday's, Thursday's, Friday's
TIME: Contact us for available times
TEACHERS: Andrew Carter, Simon Folkard, Joshua Woest
AGES: 6 YRS - Adults
PRICE: $18 per lesson (Shared), $30 per lesson (Private)

Learn to play guitar, and become the musician you've always wanted to be! In these fun and informative lessons, you'll build basic guitar skills step-by-step.

First, you'll get to know all the parts of your guitar, from frets to strings, and learn how to tune your instrument. After that, you'll explore the fundamentals of music notation and find out how to produce clear, beautiful notes and chords. You'll also discover how to control your rhythm, tempo, and volume, and how to express yourself artistically. The classical guitar skills you'll master in this course will allow you to play a variety of styles.

And that's not all! Good guitar players know that the secret to making great sounding music is to practice, practice, practice—so that's what you'll do. You'll make rapid progress as you follow a carefully planned practice schedule that reinforces each new skill you learn. 

Whether you're a beginner or an intermediate student, this course will take your musical talent to the next level. By the time you're finished, you'll be well on your way to becoming a skilled guitar player.


DAYS: Tuesday's & Friday's
TIMES: Contact us for available times
TEACHER: Anne Speed & Kartika Sulistiowati
AGES: 5 YRS - adults
PRICE: $18 per lesson (shared) : $30 per lesson (private)

Learn to Play Violin or Viola!

The violin instrument, also known as the fiddle, has a deep and rich history, dating all the way back to the 16th century. It has been used in a wide variety of music genres including Baroque, classical, jazz, folk, bluegrass and country and still plays a big role in modern music as well. Genres like pop, rock, and indie rock all feature this sublime instrument.

At Ignite Arts Academy, we can now offer students violin (or viola; a slightly larger violin) lessons with our new instructor Anne Speed. Anne will guide students with her fun and flexible approach, tailoring lessons to suit each individual’s, or groups, abilities. She makes sure that students are progressing at a steady rate, but also ensures that enjoyment and fun is a big part of her lesson teaching plan.

Anne teaches in either a small group or in individual lessons, with students 5 years – to adults of any age. Parents are welcome to sit in on lessons too. Lessons suit all abilities; from beginner right through to Grade 8 Associated Board of the Royal School of Music level, and can be tailored to suit each students’ goals and requirements.

During lessons with Anne, students will develop the fundamental skills of violin/viola, while learning to play with grace and fluidity.


DAYS: Monday's, Tuesday's, Wednesday's, Thursday's, Friday's
TIME: Contact us for available times
TEACHERS:  Simon Folkard, Andrew Carter, Joshua Woest
AGES: 6 YRS - Adults
PRICE: $18 per lesson (Shared), $30 per lesson (Private)

This class is geared towards those who have little or no prior drumming experience, but also accommodates intermediate players.

Basics are covered such as: holding and striking a drum properly, basic coordination drills, easy rhythms, and playing as a group.

For beginners, drums pads would be adequate for at home practice.

Those with prior experience will be given more challenging rhythms and playing techniques.


DAYS: Monday's, Tuesday's, Wednesday's, Thursday's, Friday's, Saturdays
TIME: Contact us for available times
TEACHERS:  Jessica Ruck Nu'u, Jonathan Hawthorn
AGES: 7 YRS - Adults
PRICE: $18 per lesson (Shared), $30 per lesson (Private)

Offering contemporary vocal classes for all age groups. Our approach is to provide a well rounded vocal education utilising several methods to achieve this goal...

Group voice lessons offer an excellent introduction to vocal study. Group lessons are not just for beginners. Classes include exercises that help to develop a healthy vocal technique, expand range, build power, control, and over time, a beautiful singing tone. Students also learn songs and sing them together, and as they become comfortable, they are encouraged to sing individually in front of the group. Group lessons provide an opportunity for singing in front of other people on a regular basis, building performance skills, and gaining confidence as a performer. This is particularly beneficial for long-term students who have already developed some vocal technique and want to go the next step as a singer. All singers will benefit from working on exercises, learning songs, and developing performance skills through group lessons.

Individual voice lessons are advisable for students with extended vocal goals, or specific technical isues. The focus will be on individual technique and development.

Fundamentals will give the student a good understanding in basic theory, rhythm training and aural development.


DAYS: Band classes resuming when Ignite Classes resume at Ignite Studios
TIME: Contact us for available times
TEACHER:  Simon Folkard
AGES: 8 YRS - Adults
PRICE: $23 per hour class, payable by the term

Always dreamed of being in a band? Well, now you can! Join our band classes...
Band classes help students learn the skills necessary for playing and performing with other musicians. We help to match students of similar ages, style tastes, and experience to make class exciting as well as educational.

We are offering three levels of band classes to choose from, dependent on your previous experience.

Get a taste of what it's like to be in a band! Experience the thrill of performing music & put what you've learnt in your lessons to practice as our seasoned band coaches guide your band through the skills you'll need to be a successful performer. 
What will you cover in the 'Experience' course?
- How to work with a group 
- Understanding song structure 
- Basic performance skills 
- How to get the best out of your instrument

Prerequisites - 6 months of lessons on your chosen instrument
View EVOLVE level expectations for individual instrument expectations

Take what you've learnt and run with it! Explore the ways you & your band can develop your own sound and refine your abilities as a performer. Your seasoned band coaches will introduce new ideas and ways to keep your band rockin' on! 

What will you cover in the 'Explore' course? 
- How to write a song 
- Song arranging (adding your own style) 
- Intermediate performance skills 
- Introduction to improvisation

Prerequisites - 'Experience' band course, or similar level of ability
View EVOLVE level expectations for individual instrument expectations

The stage is your playground! Express yourself as a confident performer in a wicked band. Enjoy advanced performance coaching from a pro-performer and learn the way to become a master of your art.   What will you cover in the 'Express' course? 
- Recording your band 
- Developing band identity 
- Advanced performance techniques 
- Expressive improvisation possibilities

Prerequisites - 'Explore' band course, or similar level of ability
View EVOLVE level expectations for individual instrument expectations 

View our EVOLVE BAND PROGRAMME pdf below for more information


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