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Ignite The Beatz

Our Ignite the Beatz Cambridge program is an early introduction to music, custom tailored for year 1 & 2 students (ages 5-6 yrs) to explore the fundamentals of music while learning different instruments. Students will learn to play the basics on drums, percussion, keyboard & ukulele. This varied approach helps students to develop a good sense of rhythm, before choosing their preferred instrument to continue on with. 

This class runs across four terms, and students will use custom designed workbooks through each term, with certificates provided after each book is completed.  Small end of term performances throughout the year will also be available.

NOTE: All instruments for our Ignite the Beatz Cambridge class are provided.

Class Details

Check out the details below to see when you can join our Ignite the Beatz Cambridge programme!

AGES: Suitable for Years 1 and 2 students


  • Mondays : 4.00pm

  • Tuesdays : 4.00pm

  • Thursdays : 3.30pm

  • Fridays : 3.30pm

TEACHERS: Ignite Teachers


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