TERM 3. 2021


Lights, Camera, Action!

DAYS :  Monday and Wednesday (10 weeks)
FIRST CLASS TERM 3 : Monday 26th July, 2021
Beginners/ Juniors: (from 6 years)
Wednesdays  3.45pm - 4.45pm
Covers confidence building, basic drama techniques, basic musical theatre skills and group activities
Intermediate/ Inbetweeners: (from 9 years)
Wednesdays 4.45pm - 5.45pm
Delves further into the drama curriculum and building on foundations previously created.
Advanced/ Super teens: (from 11 years)
Mondays 3.30pm - 4.30pm
Moves to the level focusing on dialogue, character breakdown and more advanced drama techniques
TEACHERS :  Kat Fielding | Jessica Ruck Nu'u | Courtney Richmond
VENUES : Ignite Arts Academy 
PRICES :  $13 per class (payable by the term)

A fun filled, jam packed term is ahead of us where every child will have the opportunity to thrive, develop their skills and build confidence through film and TV acting and performance. In Term 1 and 2 we have worked together to cover the fundamentals of stage and theatre performance and drama, incorporating physical acting techniques, speech development, evoking and exploring emotion through characters and role play, drama theatre sports and building that confidence from within through monologues and improvisation. 

Term 3 will see students take that next step in development and learn a full 10 weeks of acting for the screen. With our advanced students focussing on film work, and our junior and Intermediates covering TV commercial work and movie trailers it's going to be an exciting term ahead.

All students will cover script analysis, acting technique for screen, blocking, scene creation/wardrobe/character development, and acting on set, before shooting a fully produced and edited short scripted film with intermission ad breaks, which will be broadcasted at the end of term for our Red Carpet Movie Night!

Each student will have their time to shine and come away with a solid understanding and skill set of the process for acting for film and television. Giving them the confidence to shine as an actor. All drama students will receive their own copies of the completed production to take home, which they can utilise for their showreel and future auditions.

We are excited to bring this opportunity to our students and work together to ignite their confidence and passion for acting performance for the screen. More information regarding class times, and end of term movie night will be sent out in due course, but for now that's a wrap!


Find Your Inner Lion

DAYS :  Wednesdays, Thursdays
TIME :   Wednesday 7.30pm             
              Thursday 11.45am
TEACHER : Kat Fielding
VENUE : Ignite Dance Studio
PRICE OPTIONS : $11 per class (payable by the term) or $13 per class (casual rate, pay as you go)

For some, confidence is something you are born with. We look at those in wonder and shudder at the way they stand up in crowds, walk into busy rooms or speak without fear. They are everything we are not. We hide in our homes, in our back offices, crumbling when we have to order a coffee at the local café. For us confidence seems so far out of reach, a dream, an undeniable missing piece of our DNA.

Ignite recognises how tough a lack of confidence feels and how debilitating it can be in life. Whether it was something you were born without or whether someone took it away from you, we want to help! Through our ever growing drama department we have put together a special programme this year for those of you who are feeling lost. Whether it be in your personal life or work life through a programme called Find your inner Lion.  This programme focusses specifically on confidence building. Our programme co coordinator Kat Fielding will work through many different dramatical mediums to find your roarrr!

As part of the programme we encourage a meet and greet (Thurday mornings) in a small social environment. Have a cuppa with people who may be experiencing similar confidence issues.
Our programme includes:
  • Drama through all dramatical fields covering a variety of concepts including:
  • Mirror techniques
  • Being charitable
  • Positive things journal
  • Sorry!
  • Fake it till you make it
  • Compliments
  • Don’t compare
  • Life is short
  • Who is deserving
  • Challenge exercises
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone
  • Eye contact
  • Inhibitions
  • Talking to yourself


Courtney | Kat | Jessica

Left to right…
Courtney Richmond has taught contemporary, jazz and drama at Ignite since June of 2020. 
Kat Fielding (newest teacher) teaches drama, vocals, dance, started Term 2, 2021. 
Jessica Ruck Nu’u has taught vocals and drama at Ignite since November of 2019. 

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