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Dance Fitness Class

Dance requires all aspects of fitness. A healthy dancer should be in a state of being ‘well’ in both body and mind. Good fitness is the key to reducing the risk of injury and enhancing dance performance.

Our brand-new Dance Fitness is the most energizing way to boost students’ fitness and develop stamina. This open dance class features aerobic training that is a fusion of slow and fast rhythms to tone and sculpt your body, and includes the best workout exercises and stretches for dancers. Dance Fitness class aims to complement our syllabus classes, such as Contemporary, Jazz, and Hip Hop.

All students 11+ years old are welcome to join this vibrant and dynamic class. How cool is that, to work on your stamina, coordination, control, and strength, dancing to your favourite tunes?

Class Details

DAYS : Mondays
TIMES: 6:15 - 7:15 pm

ALL LEVELS  - No experience needed (recommended age 11+ years)

PRICE PER TERM: 1 hour Fitness class : $170

Polina Loman
- Ignite Dance Director


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