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muscle & bone : strength and flexibility workout

M&B classes are a dynamic and rhythmic work-out which includes aerobic and anaerobic (short duration, high intensity) exercises to develop strength, coordination and a vibrant, physical grounding. 

M&B is a class all about exploring movement and increasing strength and flexibility. It is a vigorous, rhythmic, dynamic movement and spatial training system; encouraging participants to experience the limit of their flexibility, endurance and spatial expansion. 

The classes are designed to be fast paced and physically demanding. Regular M&B training is an excellent source of overall fitness and strength.

streetFIT cardio workout (mixed adult)

StreetFIT brings to you some of the most exciting street dance inspired fitness workouts. It's a fast paced, high energy, urban dance-CARDIO fitness focused session, designed to increase your heart rate and tone your muscles, to help create a lean, sculpted body that will compliment your current fitness regime and help you achieve your fitness goals. 

Bring a friend, get energised, learn some cool moves and have a funFIT time to some Old Skool & Nu Skool beats to get you on ya feet!


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